Friday, 12 October 2012

The Rare Improving Flaw

As I get older, I find I'm becoming much more picky with my figures.  When I was a kid I could go into a store and grab a toy I liked and be happy and that was it.  Now I put a lot of time into scrutinizing faces (I look over the entire figure as best I can, but it's the faces I'm really picky about), making sure that the eyes aren't crossed, there's no paint flaws on the hair or noses or whatever.  If a figure is supposed to have pupil-less eyes and there's a bit of paint missing in the eye, it looks like the figure has a pupil in one eye and not the other.  And I dwell on these things!  My toys don't have to be 110% perfect, but some flaws, especially on the face (which draws the attention), just bug me to no end.  If a flaw is noticeable enough, in can make a figure pretty much useless to me.

These kinds of flaws are out there.  They're not even that hard to find, but thankfully I'm usually able to find a figure I'm happy with (well, except for the new Ninja Turtles line, but that's not the point here).  What's less common is coming across a flaw that actually improves the look of the figure.  For someone  like me (who's starting to border on perfectionist), an improving flaw is almost unheard of.  But it does happen.

Case in point, check this guy out: