Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Give Me Vinyl: Ultra Monsters 2

I've been in a Japanese mood lately, and in the last little while I have become obsessed with Kamen Rider and started planning another Japan trip.  It's pretty fair to say that I've officially switched sides from Team Ultraman to Team Kamen Rider, but that doesn't mean I like the toys any less.  Eventually (either here at the Plastic Eyeball or over at Go! Launch All Eyebot!) I'll give Kamen Rider the spotlight it deserves.  Until then, let's take another look at the Ultraman universe and finish off my (current) collection of vinyl Ultra Monster figures.


Saturday, 23 November 2013

AMAMOTM - October

The final battle with the Mega Monsters has begun!  In the last episode, the Mega Monster Fighters destroyed the Eye Goos, whose teleportation powers enabled the monsters to quickly travel around the globe.  With the loss of the Eye Goos, the monsters are effectively trapped on their island, and now the Mega Monster Fighters have brought the war to their doorstep.

Friday, 1 November 2013


This past week my wife had to go to England for some family stuff, and before she left she asked me to look around online and see if I could find anything I wanted her to bring back for me.  What I found was the Construct-A-Bugz line from Character Options' "Character Building" series.  I hoped she'd bring back a bug for me.

She brought me nearly the entire collection.