Saturday, 23 November 2013

AMAMOTM - October

The final battle with the Mega Monsters has begun!  In the last episode, the Mega Monster Fighters destroyed the Eye Goos, whose teleportation powers enabled the monsters to quickly travel around the globe.  With the loss of the Eye Goos, the monsters are effectively trapped on their island, and now the Mega Monster Fighters have brought the war to their doorstep.

On one side of the island, the Pilot leads a squad of Mega Mech equipped monster fighters, while on anther side of the island Rook leads a backup squad on foot.

"Remind me again why I couldn't use my Mega Mech!?" the Chopper shouts over the din of machine gun fire.

"The Pilot said he wanted at least one mech left intact after all this, and since yours is the newest it was the obvious choice.  You should feel lucky that your mech will still be standing once we're done here." Rook replies.

"I'll feel lucky if we actually survive this!" the Chopper says.

"It's not like they sent us in without any heavy hitters" Rook starts to say, when...

Flying out of the jungle and changing into its robot form, the newly revived Cyberbike strikes down a vicious Snakeneck (flattening a Tentacled Squigg in the process).  The Medic and the Nurse had finally restored the young Cyberbike to functioning operation before the attack on Mega Monster Island, and now it serves alongside the Mega Monster Fighters against its creators.

"See?, we've got backup of our own, now let's finish this!"

*  *  *

Elsewhere on the island, the Pilot's squad is finishing off its own wave of Mega Monsters.

"I don't get it" the Blaster says, "We're taking out everything they throw at us, but it doesn't feel like we're getting anywhere!  When do we head underground?"

"Just keep fighting them off and we'll find our way down soon enough.  We're on an island, they can't be hiding an endless supply of monsters underground." the Pilot responds.

"I hope you're right, because here come some more!"

As the squad turns to take on their new foes, a Springing Masher attacks the Blaster's mech from behind.

Within seconds of being knocked to the ground, the Blaster's mech is set upon by one of the Shadow Brothers, elite servants of the Mega Monster leaders.

The Shadow Brother makes short work of the Blaster's mech before he sets his sights on the Pilot.

The Pilot stabs at the Shadow Brother with his bladeshield, but the Shadow Brother moves with lightning quick reflexes and avoids the blow.  Landing upon the Pilot's bladeshield, the Shadow Brother prepares to strike when the Medic comes to his commander's aid.

Before the Medic can get a clean shot, the Shadow Brother leaps from the Pilot's bladeshield and severs a cannon and forearm from the Medic's mech.

The Shadow Brother finds himself alone against the three remaining Mega Mechs, but the tables are not yet turned.  One Shadow Brother is more than enough to take on a squad of Mega Monster Fighters.

In the blink of an eye, the Shadow Brother is back on the Pilot's mech and moves in for the kill...

...When suddenly the Shadow Brother is engulfed in a powerful laser blast, completely vaporized by the Blaster's Mega Blaster.

"Are you crazy?  You could have taken the Pilot's head clean off!" The Medic says.

"That Shadow Brother would've done the same if I didn't take the shot.  Besides, I'm the Blaster.  If you haven't noticed yet, I'm pretty good at blastin'.  It's kinda my thing."

"And I'm alive because of it it" the Pilot adds.  "How's your mech's core?"

"Still intact.  If it wasn't, none of us would still be standing here".

"There are still two Shadows Brothers out there.  We can't take more hits to the mechs like this if we're going too..."

Before the Pilot can finish his sentence, there is a flash of sparkling light and his entire mech disappears!

"Did you see that?" the Sniper exclaims, "How do they still have an Eye Goo!?"

*  *  *

Rook leaves some of his squad to hold their ground while the rest venture deeper into the jungles of the island.

It doesn't take long before Rook's team finds their next wave of enemies.

"Ugh, what are these guys?" the Chopper asks.

"They're called Thinmen." Rook says, "They used to be human, but they're technically not even alive now.  The Mega Monsters saw to that.  Let's finish the job and let these soldiers rest."

Rook's squad makes short work of the Thinmen, but they were merely a distraction for something else...

"Well, that one's new!" the Chopper says, "I don't know whether to laugh or scream".

"I've seen this one before" the Rookie says.

"This one used to be the Captain and I was there when they changed him.  That's when they changed me." 

"He won't be like any of the monsters we've fought before.  They made him different.  They made us different.  None of you will be any match for him.  I'll try to hold him off, but the rest of you need to regroup with the others.  Now."

"Hey, we're in this together.  If..." the Chopper begins.

"This isn't the time for heroics, this is the time to run, now go!"

As the rest of his squad retreats, Rook changes into his Mega Monster form.

"Alright ugly, you got us into this, now let's play it through.  Come on!"

*  *  *

When the Pilot reappears, he finds himself deep within the heart of the island.  Before him sits the Bloody Watcher.

"You are known as the Pilot.  You are the current leader of the Mega Monster Fighters, are you not?  I have been instructed by our master to bring you to him.  Leave your armor.  You won't need it."

The Pilot hesitates, then exists his mech.

"So your fearless leader wants to meet with me.  Isn't it a little late to try to 'talk things through'?"

"If it were up to me I would kill you where you stand, but the master will not have it.  I will take you to him.  Follow me."

The Pilot is led by the Bloody Watcher into a large, empty room.  A lone figure stands at its centre.  The Pilot stands speechless as the Mega Monster Master turns to face him.


Let's leave it right here.  :)
In the next instalment of Army Men And Monsters Of The Month, we'll learn the origin of the Mega Monsters!  And in case you've missed any of the previous ones...

Only two left to go!  Whooo!


  1. HAHAHA....howdy. This is one of those moments where, if this were a TV series back in the day, it would randomly get canceled and people would never find out who the cowboy was or why he was the leader of the Mega Monsters.

    Anyway, those Thinmen creep me the hell out! You could set those up as Halloween decorations.

    1. That would be pretty low to cancel a show two episodes before the grand finale, but I guess stranger things have happened.

      And the Thinmen... I don't know about those guys. I mean, I think I originally bought them to use as standard troops in AMAMOTM (and they came with some vehicles), but MAN they look sad compared to other army men toys. And when I say sad I mean terrifying. They somehow manage to look both flat and baggy at the same time. They're like old dirty shirts. What choice did I have for them? I had to make them monsters.