Wednesday, 31 July 2013


My oh my!  I'm cutting this to the last minute again!  Although with last month's instalment of Army Men and Monsters of the Month actually getting posted this month, I shouldn't complain.  I mean, I've had to do two of them this month.  So, we good?  Good.

Friday, 26 July 2013

Power of the Force

There are a few toylines that I consider my "main lines".  I'll buy any figure if it's cool enough, but of course there are some lines that I actively collect.  Masters of the Universe and G.I. Joe would be two lines that I regularly go back to.  But Star Wars, as a whole, would be the one line that I consider my MAIN line.  Star Wars is so huge for me, I didn't even bother coming up with a clever title!  Who needs a silly joke title when we're talking about Star Wars?  No one.  That's who.

I've been thinking about which way to go about covering Star Wars on the blog here, because it's massive.  I've decided to go through the line series by series, starting with the vintage stuff and working up to modern times.  Obviously I won't be covering every figure, but I'll try to show off enough from each series to really show how the line has changed over the years.

The vintage series was called "Power of the Force", and it went from 1978 (before I was even born!) to 1985 (after I was even born!).  One thing I've always loved about Kenner's (and now Hasbro's) Star Wars toys is that they represent everyone.  Core characters to background extras all receive figures (eventually), which is great because a lot of my favorite figures from the line are obscure background characters.


EYEBOT UPDATE - Iron Man Assemblers

The first spotlight has finally been posted over at Go! Launch all Eyebot!  So click on through to see what's cookin' with the Iron Man Assemblers!

Saturday, 20 July 2013

The Land of Moose Part 1: The Plush Pack

One of the main things I was looking forward to with our Australia trip was all the Trash Pack stuff I knew I would find.  Moose Enterprise Inc, the company that manufactures the Trash Pack (and Mighty Beanz, and Fistful of Power, and Fizz Magic, Wubber Wrestlers, etc etc etc), is based in Australia, so I was calling it the Land of Moose.  And in the end, Trash Pack toys were the majority of the stuff I bought, so the Land of Moose was true to it's name!  Or true to the name I gave it...

Tuesday, 16 July 2013


Better late than never!  I set out with the idea that each instalment of Army Men and Monsters of the Month would have to be posted during their respective months, however my Australia trip cut everything too close and it wasn't meant to be.  But the show must go on, so here is the AMAMOTM episode for June!

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Give Me Vinyl (Anniversary Edition): Ultra Monsters

So I was hoping to do something special to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of The Plastic Eyeball, but I was travelling through Australia at that time, and I didn't have the means to do anything.  Now it's a little late (the Eyeball's anniversary was June 27th), but by gum I still gotta acknowledge it!  HAPPY ANNIVERSARY PLASTIC EYEBALL!

I had also been planning to do more "Give Me Vinyl" posts, spotlighting the various vinyl (mostly Japanese) figures that I like, but I'm late with that too, since the first Give Me Vinyl was done almost a year ago.  So let's remedy both situations and do a special Plastic Eyeball anniversary edition of Give Me Vinyl!