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Better late than never!  I set out with the idea that each instalment of Army Men and Monsters of the Month would have to be posted during their respective months, however my Australia trip cut everything too close and it wasn't meant to be.  But the show must go on, so here is the AMAMOTM episode for June!

After the death of the Commander and the hospitalization of the Medic at the hands of an infiltrating Plasma Spider, the world of the Mega Monster Fighters has been thrown out of control.  While information regarding the whereabouts of the Mega Monster leaders was successful retrieved from the defecting Cyberbike, any plans to attack the leaders are momentarily put on hold.  The Plasma Spider that attacked the Mega Monster Fighters had disguised itself as one of the Commander's trusted bodyguards.  The whereabouts of the real bodyguard are unknown, but the remaining Bodyguard is pushing to strike the Mega Monster leaders now, before they have the chance to push their advantage.

The Pilot cautions against making any snap decisions, especially when two of their core teammates have been taken out of commission.  For all they know, a quick and unfocused reaction on their part could be exactly what the Mega Monsters are hoping for.  The Pilot suggests they should take some time to regroup and rebuild their team before charging off into battle.

The Bodyguard is unswayed by the Pilot's suggestions and storms off.  Fearing that the Bodyguard is letting his thirst for vengeance cloud his better judgement, the Pilot sends the Rookie to follow him, in case he tries to take matters into his own hands.

The Bodyguard approaches one of the scientists charged with analyzing the data retrieved from the Cyberbike and orders him to share what ever information has been learned about the Mega Monster leaders' location.

The Rookie overhears the conversation and intercepts the Bodyguard when he has finished with the scientist.

The Rookie attempts to reason with the Bodyguard, agreeing that the Mega Monsters must be punished for the damage they've caused to both the Mega Monster Fighters and the general population.  The Commander also gave the Rookie a chance on the team, when others may have doubted him.  The Rookie always respected the Commander as a leader and a friend.  The Bodyguard appears to calm down and tells the Rookie that there's someone he should meet.

The Rookie follows the Bodyguard, reluctant to let him out of his sight.

The Bodyguard introduces the Rookie to the Captain, the leader of a new team of Mega Monster Fighters.  The Bodyguard explains that in light of the Mega Monsters increased activity, the Commander had intended to create the Mega Monster Fighters B Team, and designate the original squad as Mega Monster Fighters A Team.  The B Team has been fully assembled and were ready to be revealed to the A Team when the Plasma Spider attacked.  The Captain says that his team is ready to take the fight to the Mega Monsters' front door and show them that any attacks on humankind will not go unpunished.  They also intend to leave immediately.  The Rookie first tries to reason with them as he had with the Bodyguard, but then attempts to signal the other Mega Monster Fighters when he realizes that the B Team cannot be reasoned with.  The Bodyguard questions the Rookie's dedication to the fallen Commander, and passively suggests that anyone who may try to interfere with their plans for retribution would have to be dealt with.  Reluctantly, the Rookie relents and secretly plans to contact the other Mega Monster Fighters at first chance.

The Bodyguard leads the B Team into the hangar, and takes command of the A Team's plane.  Before the Rookie has the chance contact the others, all communications are switched off to aid the B Team's secret flight from the MMF HQ.

Using the information given to him by the scientist, the Bodyguard leads the team to an island far out in the Pacific Ocean.  Once on the ground, the team notices that the island is uninhabited; even birds have avoided making homes on the island.  They explore cautiously, when suddenly:

Out of nowhere, two eyeball creatures appear in front of the team.  The Bodyguard recognizes the Eye Goo from previous encounters with the Mega Monster Fighters, but more interestingly, the Bloody Watcher, whose existence has just been learned from the Cyberbike's data.  The data revealed that all Mega Monsters report to the Bloody Watcher, who oversees every mission that every Mega Monster is charged with.  The Bloody Watcher reports directly to the Mega Monster leaders, and is one of the very few beings who has ever seen them in person.

The Bloody Watcher welcomes the Mega Monster Fighters to the island, and mocks them with questions of their Commander's wellbeing.  The Rookie realizes that the Pilot was right in assuming the Mega Monsters expected a quick reaction, and the B Team has walked right into their trap.

The Bodyguard presses his gun against the Bloody Watcher and demands that they be taken to the Mega Monster leaders.  When the Bloody Watcher refuses and laughs, the Bodyguard reminds him that he is outnumbered, and that killing him would still be a heavy blow for the Mega Monsters.  The Bloody Watcher questions whether the Bodyguard is only seeing what he wants to see...

In an instant, the team is surrounded by Mega Monsters!  The Bloody Watcher had been telepathically blinding the B Team so that they were unaware of the monsters stalking them - until it was too late.

Realizing there is no hope of escape, the Bodyguard tells the Bloody Watcher that even if he falls, he's taking the monoptic blood bag with him, and not even the Eye Goo will be fast enough to teleport him to safety.

In a flash of movement, one of the Shadow Brothers darts behind the Bodyguard.  The Rookie can barely let out a warning before the Shadow Brother strikes.

Before the Bodyguard can even pull the trigger, he is impaled on the Shadow Brother's blade.  

The Bloody Watcher laughs maniacally at the fallen form of the Bodyguard before turning to the other prisoners.  The Watcher explains that it would be foolish of the Mega Monsters to waste this gift that the Mega Monster Fighters have presented them with...

...While the Rookie can only wait and wonder what's coming next.

Well, this was a hard one!  And not only because I had so little time to try to fit this episode into June, but also because the army men I had bought for this instalment turned out to be so fragile!

I found these guys at a Target in Australia, and I loved how they have an almost futuristic look to them.  So many army men toys look like they're from World War II, so it was refreshing to find something new.  I was worried that they could get beaten up in my suitcase, so I opened their bag and stored them in a metal Trash Pack collector's tin.  Turns out they weren't much safer in there.

This sculpt is my favorite of the set, but that antenna on the head breaks off way too easily.  At least the loss of the antenna doesn't do too much to hurt the look of the figures.  If you didn't know the antenna was supposed to be there, you might not even realize something was missing.

These guys are having a harder go of it, though.  While the guy on the left still looks like he's holding a gun once the barrel breaks off, the other guy definitely looks like his gun is broken!  The broken pieces on these guys are holding on for dear life, but they're completely gone on others in the set.  I don't think I can even glue these and make them look nice.  I may just have to break them off and be done with it.

This guy is actually coming off his his stand!  He can be seen in this episode of AMAMOTM as part of the B Team, but he's always leaning on another figure.  I wanted to get at least one version of this sculpt in, and the other ones are even more beaten up that he is.

I noticed this guy was missing a hand in the bag when I bought the set.  I've come across a few amputee army men now, so I figured I could just use him as a Mega Monster victim.  Once the others started breaking, though, I just added him to that pile and tried to focus on the good ones instead.  I actually still have his hand, but again, I don't think trying to glue it would do any good.  I'm glad they're not all broken, but they could still break down the line just from being kept in the drawer with my other army men.  If they never show up in an AMAMOTM again it'll be because I won't have any of them left!

So, like I said, this was a hard one, but I still ended up having a lot of fun with it.  And as always, here's the links to the other instalments.  Hopefully July's episode will actually come out in July!

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