Saturday, 20 July 2013

The Land of Moose Part 1: The Plush Pack

One of the main things I was looking forward to with our Australia trip was all the Trash Pack stuff I knew I would find.  Moose Enterprise Inc, the company that manufactures the Trash Pack (and Mighty Beanz, and Fistful of Power, and Fizz Magic, Wubber Wrestlers, etc etc etc), is based in Australia, so I was calling it the Land of Moose.  And in the end, Trash Pack toys were the majority of the stuff I bought, so the Land of Moose was true to it's name!  Or true to the name I gave it...

I'm not usually into plush stuff, but I couldn't say no to plushy Trash Pack characters!  I was in the Land of Moose!  I had to explore all that it had to offer.

There are six plush Trash Pack characters to buy, and I ended up with three of them.  I got Putird Pizza, Scum Gum, and Smelly Fish.  Mouldy Milk was a nice one, but I only saw him once (at the time I figured I'd grab him later, which obviously never came).  You can also get the two Trash Pack mascots, Blow Fly and Trash-a-pillar.

It's cool to have representations of the Trash Pack characters in a larger size, and while they don't have all the lumpy, bumpy textures of the original figures, their printed patterns let a lot more of the grotty details stand out.  As you can see above, the standard Scum Gum looks like gum, but he doesn't have all the festering maggots and runny slime that the plush one has.

Each plush Trashie has something stuck on the bottom, and I found it kind of neat to see who had what.  Not really neat, but kinda.  Back to the details showing up better on the plush toys, look at Smelly Fish there!  Even with the exposed ribs, the standard figure is kinda cute.  Not the plush one.  That guy's got problems!

I think the Trash Pack plush toys are on the way out.  I only found Scum Gum in a traditional toy store.  Putrid Pizza came from a magazine shop and Smelly Fish was bought at the Cairns airport.  These guys really make me wonder what a line of larger, harder Trash Pack figures could be like.  Hmmmm....

This is just the tip of the Land of Moose iceberg.  I have Trash pack series 3, 4, 5, magic fizz packs, and non Trash Pack stuff left to show off!


  1. Neat! I was expecting them to do a sort of moldy version of one of them; you'd think a fuzzy plush one would be a good idea. I'm surprised they didn't bring these to the US!

  2. I'm in the US and my son is asking Santa Clause for the trash pack plush but there no where to be found. Can you tell me where to find any??

    1. I honestly have no idea. I live in Canada and haven't seen any here yet, and these looked like they were starting to be cleared out when I found them in Australia. It could just be that they weren't released in North America, but I'm not sure.