Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Toasted Monkey Balls

One of my goals this year was to top the paltry number of blog posts that I did last year. I only did four of them, which shouldn't be too hard to top. Of course, it's November now and I've only done one, so I guess I should get my ass in gear...

Monday, 28 March 2016

Pop Stop: Last and First Edition

I don't want to begin every post with something along the lines of "Boy, it's sure been a long time since I've updated the blog", but I can't help it.  Because, boy, it's sure been a long time since I've updated the blog!

Parenthood and workhood and various other 'hoods' have been taking up a lot of my time, but my love of toys is just as strong as ever!  Finding the time to share that love is another story...

Anyway, I like doing spotlights on the first and last toys I get each year, so this time I'm going to cover the last of 2015 and first of 2016 at the same time.  They're both from a toy line I've gotten into in a big way, even though I only really started back in November.  Pop! Vinyl figures, by Funko!