Tuesday, 3 July 2012

OMFG Series 2 on Kickstarter!

OMFG (Outlandish Mini Figure Guys) series 2 is live on Kickstarter!  Every toy collector dreams of making their own toys, and this is a great way to start!  I supported Series 1 way back when, and I've made my pledge for Series 2.  Take part and help keep this great line going.  It really is for toy fans by toy fans.

OMFG Series 2 on Kickstarter

Design submissions for Series 3 have started as well.  Don't miss your chance to get one of your designs chosen to be made into figure-form!

OMFG Series 3 design submissions

For those who haven't heard of this project, it's the brainchild of George Gaspar over at October Toys.  The idea is that members of the October Toys forums submit character designs, then the members vote on which designs they like.  The top 5 designs are tallied up and are then sculpted by able members from the forums into prototypes.  After that the project goes to Kickstarter where you and I can choose to make pledges to fund the manufacturing of the figures.  Pledging different amounts gets you different things, but most options will get you a set of figures to add to your collection!

Series 1 is already said and done, and I own a few sets in different colors, so I can vouch that this project is the real deal.  I want to encourage anyone who likes weird little toys or enjoys being part of something exciting to join in.  It really is an awesome project!

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