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AMAMOTM - September

As I said in my last post, things got a little crazy around here and as a result, I haven't been posting very much.  The instalment of AMAOTM for September is late, and there's a good chance October will be as well.  BUT things are turning around, and I'm looking forward to everything getting back to normal.  To celebrate, lets dive right into Army Men And Monsters Of The Month for September!

"Ever since the discovery of the Mega Monster Island, monster attacks around the world have dramatically increased.  Armies from across the globe have been joining forces to repel the attacks, but casualties have been heavy.

"There have been some victories...

"But most have been short lived...

"One commonality that has been reported from each attack is that the monsters will appear seemingly out of nowhere.  When certain monsters (perceived as leaders of the attacking hordes) are injured or near death, they are teleported away by 'glittering, gelatinous eyeballs'.  This is something we have seen ourselves.

"Time and again, Mega Monsters are are teleported to and away from battle by Eye Goos.

"Our enemy knows we can fight back, and we know they're unwilling to let their best monsters be destroyed.  They heal them, send them back at us, with increasingly more elaborate and powerful followers under their command.  The Mega Monsters are proving even more intelligent than suspected, yet their actions may still have betrayed a weakness."  The Medic finishes his portion of the briefing and turns to the Pilot, new commander of the Mega Monster Fighters.

"Eye Goos have teleported Mega Monsters around the world.  Even monsters with the ability to fly are brought to the mainland by Eye Goos.  Yet when our headquarters are attacked directly, they resort to infiltration and sabotage.  This leads us to believe that the Eye Goos are incapable of teleporting into our base.  Our megasteel walls seem to be impervious to the Eye Goos powers.  This could present us with an opportunity."

"We have used our megasteel technology to design these flexible and durable nets.  Our intent is to capture an Eye Goo and learn the secrets of their abilities.  It is our hope that we can either harness those powers against the Mega Monsters, or exploit a weakness within the Eye Goos themselves."

"But sir" the Chopper asks, "what's to stop the Eye Goos from teleporting to safety when they see us coming at them with the nets?  They're giant eyeballs, not the easiest things to sneak up on."

"It's been shown that the Eye Goos appear only at the beginnings and ends of attacks.  While they aren't on the scene during the battle, it's obvious that they are observing from somewhere.  Our only chance is to keep their attention on the Mega Monsters they're charged with protecting, and striking when they reappear to teleport their commanders to safety."

"And that will be where the first part of our surprise comes in." The Medic says.  "You up to the task, Rook?" 

All eyes turn to the Mega Monster Fighter codenamed Rook.  Once the least experienced member of the team known as the Rookie, Rook was captured by the Mega Monsters and turned against his will into a monster himself.  The Mega Monster Fighters were able to subdue him and prevent the complete transformation, and now Rook is able to return to his human form for short intervals, before he must change back into his monster form to keep his body stable.

"I've been itching for a little payback, sir!" Rook says.

"Well then everyone, head out.  We're going Eye Goo hunting!" The Pilot orders.

A Mega Monster Fighters support team is stationed at the site of an earlier Mega Monster attack.  Disguised as regular soldiers running routine drills, the Medic and Rook sit tight, ready for anything, when:

"Look sirs, in the sky ahead!"

In seconds, a dark shadow is cast over the squad by a winged behemoth from above.

A large Stalker Bat strafes overhead, dropping vicious Drudge Rats into the troopers position.

"This is it!" The Medic says, "Hold them off until I give the signal!"

The Drudge Rats move quickly, striking at whoever is closest with deadly gnashing teeth.

Drudge Rats are not as hearty as other Mega Monsters, but they can sneak up on even the most seasoned of Mega Monster Fighters.

Hit from behind, Rook is knocked to the ground and in a flash the Drudge Rat is upon him.  However, it is the rat who is taken by surprise.

Before the Drudge Rat is able to make the killing blow, powerful jaws lined with razor sharp teeth clamp down on its head as it is lifted high off the ground.  

Rook transforms into his Mega Monster form, quickly using the powers the Mega Monsters forced upon him to turn the tide in the battle.

From above, the Stalker Bat sees what is transpiring below and swoops into the fray, attacking Rook directly.

Suddenly, the Chopper in his new Axeman mech reveals himself from his hiding place under cloaked shielding.  While the Stalker Bat is locked in combat with Rook, the Chopper strikes.

The Chopper sinks his Mega Axe deep into the Stalker Bat's back and Rook hurls the beast to the ground.

Before the two Mega Monster Fighters can decend on the Stalker Bat to finish it off, an Eye Goo appears to teleport the monster to safety.

"NOW!" The Medic shouts.

High above in the sky, the Sniper has been cloaked in his own mech and fires a megasteel net from his shoulder cannon.

The net finds its mark just as the Eye Goo begins to teleport.

The creature pulses and and tries to teleport away, but it remains trapped inside the megasteel net.

The Chopper finishes off the Stalker Bat while the support team puts down the last of the Drudge Rats. The Eye Goo remains helplessly subdued.

- - -

Weeks pass after the capture of the Eye Goo.  The creature has been analyzed and studied the entire time by the Medic, the Nurse and their team.  Finally, a breakthrough is made.  

The Pilot reconvenes the Mega Monsters Fighters core team in their HQ's lab.

The Medic begins his report: "While we've been unable to find the source of the Eye Goo's power, or even how it works, we have discovered that the creature is highly sensitive to soundwaves.  In fact, certain frequencies seem to destabilize the monster's body.

"We believe we've found a way to remove one of the Mega Monsters' best assets from concern."

A scientist flicks a switch, and a low pulsing sound vibrates through the floor, followed by a high-pitched squeal barely audible to the human ear.  The sounds alternate, back and forth.

At first the Eye Goo appears unchanged, then the plasm that surrounds its body begins to ripple.  Then...

"Dude, what's it doin..... Woooaaahh!!!"  The Blaster exclaims in surprise.

The Eye Goo dissolves into a large puddle of slime as it continues to quiver from the soundwaves pulsing through it.  The slime-filled net is removed from the scene by an overhead crane.

The Mega Monster Fighters waste no time in putting their new plan in action.  They send their jets across the globe, equipped with state-of-the-art sound cannons.  Satellites pulse soundwaves from signals in space.

Around the world, Eye Goos dissolve while the Mega Monster Fighters finish off the stranded monsters.

The satellite signals even reach Mega Monster Island, cutting off the beasts from the rest of the planet.

- - - 

Back in the Mega Monster Fighters HQ, the Pilot addresses the team.

"We have delivered a major blow to the Mega Monsters, and we believe the last of their kind are now stranded on their island.  This in no way means that the world is safe from them, however, as it is only a matter of time before they find another means of transporting their forces to the mainland.  We might not get a better chance than now to finish them off for good."

"Now is the time to strike.  We are going to finally take the battle to their doorstep and show them that our world is not theirs for the taking.  We don't know what's waiting for us on their island, but one things is for certain..."

"Our final mission begins now."

And let's leave it right there, shall we?  I'll admit I came into this month's episode with a huge wall of writer's block in front of me, but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.  It is certainly the slimiest instalment so far!  Up until now I haven't really been planning too far ahead, but since there's only three episodes left I'm now trying to figure out how to wrap all this up.  So tune in next time, when the master of the Mega Monsters is revealed!


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  1. Rook's my favorite now! Big 'ol fleshy raptor. Looks like things are taking a turn for the better for humanity!