Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Last Toy of the Year (2014)

I had big plans for my last figure of the year.  BIG plans.  Well, plans.  I got back into Ninja Turtles this year (not that I'm ever really out of it).  I finally jumped on the Pokemon bandwagon.  And I'm still nuts for Kamen Rider.  When it came time to do my last shopping of the year though, I ran into problems.  Actually I ran into almost nothing.  Everything was steel cleaned out after Christmas.

In a last-ditch effort I checked the Skylanders section, and they were cleared out of everything but ONE figure.  Luckily it was one I had never seen in person before.

I usually like to post some in-game pics in my Skylanders spotlights, but there's no time for that right now!  I'll do a proper Skylanders spotlight on Ka-Boom here eventually, but this time it's all about the figure.

Now, as far as Skylanders being toys (which they're intended to be used as), some are more exciting that others.  I don't see a lot of kids running around playing with Popthorn.  That being said, Ka-Boom makes an awesome toy.

He might not be very articulated (actually, he's not articulated at all), but that doesn't matter.  He's big, he's well armed, and his paint apps are tight.  I've never been a stickler for articulation anyway.  As a kid I mixed articulated and unarticulated figures all the time.  And back to this guy being well armed, look at him!  Dude's carrying around a cannon.  I love that it still has the... what would you call them?  Knobs?  The knobby things that would help the cannon pivot in its base.  It's a nice detail that I probably wouldn't notice if they weren't there.

Also, check out that smile, ladies.  This is a Skylander for everyone!

Most fire-type Skylanders are impressive looking, but Ka-Boom deserves a place right smack dab in the middle of them.

Of course, he looks good with other types as well.

Another thing Ka-Boom has going for him is cross-line appeal, something a lot of other Skylanders don't have.  He'd be right at home in a Masters of the Universe scenario, among other things.

I'm going to wrap this up here.  Ka-Boom might not have been the figure I planned on getting as my last of the year, but I'm happy with him.  Hopefully tomorrow I can show off my first figure of the new year!


  1. Didn't even notice that was a cannon, at first! Thought it was a magic bottle, or something. Very cool! Too bad the stores were still cleaned out, though. At the very least, this guy is new, and that's always exciting. I know I haven't seen 'em yet.

    1. Yeah, and I went to another Walmart today that was also cleaned out of all Skylanders except for one Ka-Boom. It's like the stock boys said, "Fine. We'll give you ONE new Skylander. Fight amongst yourselves for him, losers!"

      I already had one though. So I didn't have to fight. But I totally would have won if I did.