Wednesday, 5 December 2012


Time to get back to business!  After a short break between Savage Mondo Blitzers spotlights, it's time to get cracking with these babies again.


For some reason this team always seemed a little more random than the others to me.  I'm not sure why that is.  The Chunk Blowers have a baby, a dinosaur, a rock star, and a wrestler with big hands.  The Scars and Spikes Gang has a gorilla, a robot, an eyeball-headed freak, and a baseball player.  Randomness is kinda the name of the game here, so I don't know what sets these guys apart for me.  I mean, a soldier, a cyborg, some conjoined twins, and a... critter?... don't seem nearly as mismatched as some of the others.  Maybe like everything else with this line, it's just the feeling they give me.  They just feel more random.


This team is a tricky one for me.  With everyone else I can just feel that they're either good guys or bad guys.  These guys feel like both to me.  Take Killer Kommando here.  Aside from going to the Mortal Kombat Skool of Spelling, he could easily serves as either a hero or a villain.  The figure has sort of a heavy henchman feel to it, with a hint of Grease Pit from Biker Mice From Mars thrown in.  On the other hand, his picture on the card art looks more hero-y to me.

He doesn't look like the smartest hero...  And the red eyes kind of spoil it...  Maybe I'm not making the strongest case for him.  I suppose he could be a hero prone to fits of rage, or a villain prone to fits of heroics.  Either way, he's got a big gun-stick.  So there you go.


Now I don't care where you're from, this guy is SWEET!  Blade Invader is a big-ass cyborg with a creepy face shield (and a sword that would stand almost as tall as he does).  I suppose he could serve as a hero, but he'd be a hero with a pretty bad attitude.  He just screams "villain" so much more, doesn't he?  Plus there's the name.  "Blade".  "Invader".  An invader with a blade.  Doesn't sound like such a nice guy.  And what's the story behind that shield?  Whose face is that?  Is it what Blade Invader used to look like before he became a cyborg?  Is it the dismembered face of some fallen giant foe?  Can it talk?  Who knows?  It just gives me lots to work with, and I like that in a toy.


Let me get this out of the way right off the bat.  Just like Direct Hit from the Chunk Blowers, Twin Geeks is not one of my most favorite Mondo Blitzers.  He's actually down there near the bottom of the pile.  There's just something about the blonde Siamese twins with scimitars that doesn't do it for me.  He's like two Duke Nukems fused together...  Which would be awesome.  Now I'm not doing a good job talking about how lame Twin Geeks is.  See a theme forming with this team?  Twin Geeks does seem to be lacking any kind of nose that could be called "impressive" or "existent", and the card art shows them getting one of their heads clonked by nunchucks (nunchucks - they'll clonk ya).  I guess out of everyone on the team, Twin Geeks looks the least evil.  Each twin has their own large pec' though.  That's gross.


Some characters are so easy to make backstories for that you just look at them and know what they're about.  I don't know what Bad Fart's about.  I don't even know what Bad Fart is!  He could be a mutant.  He could be an alien.  He could be both!  Not all my mutants have to be mutant humans!  One thing is for certain though, farts are Bad Farts thing.  He can probably inflate himself for the real big bad ones.  Maybe he can even burp farts out of his mouthIcan'tbelieveI'meventhinkingaboutthis!  I mean, I like the weird, but there's still times when I sit there and wonder "Why am I thinking about this?".  But I gotta be me. And Bad Fart's gotta be Bad Fart.  He looks like he'd be a Salacious Crumb type of character, only smellier.  

I think I've made up my mind:  The Dudes of Disaster are bad guys.  Maybe not the worst of the bad guys, but they could easily be a team of lowly henchmen.

But maybe Twin Geeks can go good.


  1. Hope children will accept them warm kindheartedly..

  2. Man, maybe it's just me, but this batch didn't seem to have as clever a names as previous ones. Bad Fart is friggin' hilarious, but it seems like they named that one by waking up a guy at the office suddenly and writing down whatever randomly came out of his mouth. "Zzz---whaa? Huh? *mumble*badfart*mumble*" Everyone rolls on the floor with laughter and a guy says "THAT'S what we're naming 'em! I don't care what it looks like, the thing is called Bad Fart now."

    And speaking of the Mortal Kombat Skool of Spelling - geeze, what a waste of money! It was one class with a handout that said "replace the Cs with Ks" and the rest of the time they just taught us how to be extreme and edgy in a 90's sense. At the very least, there was a bonus lesson for most 90's video games about replacing the S at the ends of works with a Z.

    1. Well, I'm betting Killer Kommando passed all his testz.