Friday, 30 November 2012

A Rad Surprise!

We started Christmas shopping today, and I ended up spending as much money on myself as I did on anyone else.  It's not my fault!  It's the same thing each year!  They start bringing out all the cool new stuff and expect me to only buy for other people.  It's just not fair (and not meant to be).  I made a nice haul today, finding the new Hobbit Lego sets (I got Escape From The Mirkwood Spiders), the last two Walking Dead Minimates (series 1) sets that I was looking for, and even a wicked metallic-purple dragon, among other things.  But as usual, the best things are the ones that take you completely by surprise.  In this case, THESE guys (although the dragon was pretty surprising):

I love old-school video games and I'm a sucker for humanizing random household objects, so this line of blind-boxed cartridges is perfect for me!  I had actually seen these 10-Doh! figures online a while back, in both regular and mini sizes.  I even contemplated ordering some, but I just never got around.  I never expected to find them in person.  In fact, I had forgotten all about them when I came across some in a specialty store today.

The front of the box has a classic cartridge-in-sleeve design, with the various "game titles" shown on the back.  Aside from one or two, I want all of 'em!  Especially the Mega Man one!  I grabbed two boxes (which at typical specialty store prices, ain't all that cheap), trying to increase my chances of getting the Mega Man cartridge.  Alas, it wasn't to be (yet), but I'm still happy with the two I got.

The cartridges come disassembled in the box and hiding in black baggies.  You don't know which figure you have until you tear the baggie open.  The arms and legs are in a separate black baggie, but as far as I know there is only the one style of limbs.  The limbless cartridges are nice enough with their classic Nintendo style, but adding the arms and legs really makes them pop.

None of the cartridges represent real games, but are instead either parodies or artist inspired designs.  Either way, I want to play these games.  I mean, "Le Rad!"?  I'd play Le Rad!

I don't know if Le Rad! is the name of the "game" or the name of the French bulldog, but it doesn't matter.  It's still a great name.

This must be one of those cases where the sequel is better than the original.  The Legend of Spiki 2 looks like a cross between Sonic the Hedgehog and a ninja, which is a winning combination if you ask me!

Apparently there's also some gold cartridges to be found, paying tribute to the occasional gold chromed Nintendo cartridges of yesteryear.  I'm going to keep trying for the Mega Man 10-Doh!, but I wouldn't be upset if I got a gold cartridge along the way.

Check out Squid Kids Ink for more So Analog and 10-Doh! figures.  They've got a healthy dose of nostalgia mixed in with the right amount of modern flair.  I keep trying to stay away from designer toys in favor of the more mainstream stuff, but it's things like this that keep pulling me back in!

I realize these figures might not be for everyone, but if you blow into their bottoms I think you'll find they'll work better for you.  I know I would.

Well, time to move on!

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