Thursday, 29 November 2012

Gettin' Wound Up

I don't know if these next toys have anything more than passing similarities with each other, but they deserve to share the spotlight.

Yeeeeeaaaah!  Some more eyeballs to show off here at The Plastic Eyeball!  These nearly eyedentical twins were acquired separately over the course of (I don't know how many) years.  They're just your basic wind-up toys that hop across the floor when wound up and let go.  And they glow in the dark!  The more transparent of the two was the first one I got, way back when from a place I can't remember.  The less transparent one was a gift from my friend Alexx at Toys and Tomfoolery.  He sent me a bunch of random eyeball-themed toys, and this one is different enough from my first one that I kept them both.  I love the weirdness of them, so the more the merrier.  Plus, two eyes are just natural.

He's got a back in the eye of his head!

Now, I got this next figure from the same dollar store where I got my Canadian army men.  There were three of them sitting in a box next to the cash register, and I snatched one up as soon as saw them.  When I put it down to pay, it started hopping around the counter.  Me, my wife, and the cashier all laughed.  It paid for itself before it was even rung through!

How about a nice shot of the mouth-butt?

With these wind-up hopping eyes and mouth, I'm slowly building a wind-up face.  I don't know if there are wind-up ears and a nose out there, but if there is, I'll find them.  At this point it's the only thing that makes sense any more.


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