Friday, 11 January 2013

Masters Of Mayhem (Crazy Eights Part 1)

The fiercest Savage Mondo Blitzers of them all...  Crazy Eights with Lightning Launcher.  Eight all new characters who are ready for battle and can only be found in the Crazy Eights set.  These masters of mayhem fly out of the Lightning Launcher to strike hard and fast in the battle to be the baddest Blitzer.  Load 'em up and watch 'em fly!
- From the Savage Mondo Blitzers Crazy Eights box back

This is the final wide released set of the Savage Mondo Blitzers line, and there's twice as much mayhem to go around!


The Crazy Eights were originally going to be called "The Attack Pack" (according to the card backs of the regular sets), but the name changed by the time the set actually came out.  As far as I can tell, Mattel's "Attack Pack" line was still a year or two away, so I have no idea why the change happened and honestly I don't know which name I prefer more.  The Attack Pack line is also pretty awesome (and might me something I need to look into more), so they can have the name.

I never really got around to finding a place for these guys in my Savage Mondo Blitzers stories, so I'll probably start making some up on the fly here.

Jack brings a "rocky" conclusion to all Blitzer Brawls.

Jack Hammer was the very last of the regularly released Mondo Blitzers that I found, and for a while he was on my All Time Top 10 Most Wanted Figures list.  I originally got my Crazy Eights set loose on eBay, but the set was missing Jack Hammer and the Lightning Launcher.  Later on I found a complete boxed set and bought it just for this guy.  That fact alone is probably why he's one of my favorites in the series, although he's a pretty cool looking figure as well.  

I'm having a hard time coming up with a backstory for the Crazy Eights.  I can't picture all of them as heroes, but I don't see them as flat-out villains either.  Maybe they're just the champions of what ever crazy game it is that the Savage Mondo Blitzers play.  And due to the way Jack Hammer came into my collection, he'll be my champion of champions.  You can't call yourself THE Savage Mondo Blitzer until you've beaten Jack Hammer.  The nice thing about the Crazy Eights set is that the box back has some little bios under each Blitzer's name, which gives you a little extra to work with if you want to flesh them out.  I want to flesh them out!  Jack Hammer looks like he's been chiseled out of rock, but I like to think of him more as a being of living cement, who can take on the properties of both solid and liquid cement at will.  Aside from using his trusty jack hammer, he can also pound you with his rock-hard concrete fists, absorb most damage in his liquid form, and immobilize you in your tracks.  This guy's THE champion for a reason!

He's in charge and won't let anyone forget it.

I can't call a post "Masters Of Mayhem" without having a guy named General Mayhem in it!  This guy packs some serious firepower, but exactly what is it that he's in charge of?  Maybe after the other Blitzers came to Earth to use it as their battlefield, General Mayhem stepped in and convinced them to hold a tournament to see who the baddest Blitzer is (instead of just waging all-out chaos).  General Mayhem makes the rules, and everyone else plays by them.  Luckily for him he can lay down the law when he needs to, which is why he's on the Crazy Eights team of champions.

His favorite saying is "I-Beam looking for you".

Apparently construction workers make natural champions, since there's two of them on this team.  While Destruction Worker might not have all of Jack Hammer's radical powers, he can swing a wicked steel beam like nobody's business.  He might not be the brightest member of the Crazy Eights, but sometimes all you need to win is the right amount of girderstruction to give you the edge over your opponents!  Destruction Worker has climbed the Mondo Blitzers ladder all the way to the top, and now he's one of the humans to beat if you want to call yourself the baddest Blitzer of them all.

He gets what he wants because no one can refuse his rabie face.

I'm not really sure what a "rabie face" is, but I know this bad dog has one.  I'm also betting that there's more going on behind those mutant canine eyes that it seems.  What ever caused Chow Hound's head to grow to the size it is (I'm guessing it's good ol' toxic ooze, look at that green drool!) it probably increased the size of his brain as well.  I don't see him suddenly being able to talk, but he can strategize and out-think most of his opponents (who underestimate him as a mindless beast).  Chow Hound is constantly learning new tricks, and he's barking up the right tree as one of the eight Savage Mondo Blitzer champions!

Lets stick with showcasing four Blitzers at a time and break the Crazy Eights into two parts.  In the second half of the spotlight we'll cover the rest of the team and see what else sets this group apart from the others.  Here's a hint:  They have an accessory.

Interestingly, G.I. Joe has a General Mayhem as well.  But he's taller.

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