Monday, 25 March 2013


Well, we took a look into the past.  Now let's go back to "modern times" and see what the Mega Monster Fighters are up to in "Army Men And Monsters Of The Month" for March!

We begin this month's episode with the Commander holding a briefing with the Mega Monster Fighters.

*The Commander's bodyguards aren't actually holding the Mega Monster Fighters at gunpoint.  It's just the only pose they have.

The Commander's engineers have been continuing to work with Mega-Mech technology, and they're now ready to add three new mechs to the Mega Monster Fighter's arsenal.

The Medic receives the Rescue Mech, which will allow him to safely navigate through even more treacherous conditions than he used to enter on foot.

The Sniper will pilot the Stealth Mech.  The Stealth Mech has cloaking capabilities and can take to the sky for a greater range of sniping!

The Blaster gets the Neutralizer Mech.  This heavy duty battle suit ups the Blaster's firepower considerably.  

With new mechs on the field, the Pilot's mech can't simply be called "the Mech" any more.  Going forward, it will designated the Fighter Mech, as it specializes in hand-to-monster-hand/claw/general-multipurpose-limb combat.

This leaves the Rookie as the only member of the team without a Mega-Mech.  You gotta earn your stripes first, new blood!  

The Mega Monster Fighters take to their new battle suits right away, and it's a good thing because the Commander receives word that their base is under attack!

Giant alien motorcycles are tearing up the Mega Monster Fighters base!  One of these was seen in the past, known as the Blue Cyclon.

The Blue Cyclon was defeated by primitive human weapons, so the Commander sends in some ground troops.

These guys make up the Mega Monster Fighting Force.  They may not use the mega weapons that the elite Mega Monster Fighters use, but they make up for firepower with shear numbers.  They usually reinforce the Mega Monster Fighters in battle.

Some troops are caught off guard by the attacking Golden Vortex and Blood Tornado and are quickly overwhelmed.  Their armor has also been upgraded since the Blue Cyclon's original run-in with humans all those years ago.  Also, in their robot-form these alien machines pose a greater threat than in their bike-form.  Their bike-form is used for quick initial strikes; they use their robot-form for continued and lethal attacking.  The troops are no match for the robots' blasters and crushing feet.

The Mega Monster Fighters arrive on the scene in their new Mega-Mechs!  The Rookie leads more trooper reinforcements into battle on foot, engaging his mega weapon for added firepower.

With the added strength of the Mega-Mechs, the Mega Monster Fighters are able to overpower the alien robots and put an end to them.  Another day is saved, but one question remains to be answered:  Where are the Mega Monsters coming from?

And there's another edition of AMAMOTM in the can!  I'm still going to try and not make up story lines before I make my next purchases, but at the same time I don't want to go TOO all over the map.  Nah, all over the map is fine.

For easy reference, here are the first two months of AMAMOTM:


  1. Totally gotta get myself some self-loading auto-chargeable robots.

  2. I got those guys from a dollar store called "Dollarama". Not sure if you have them yonder-south.