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I took the pics for this chapter of Army Men And Monsters Of The Month all "lean-and-mean" quick style, so the pics *might* not be as up to snuff as my usual pics.  The lighting isn't perfect, there's some stray hairs here and there, and there may be touches of blurriness.  But we're getting close to the end of the month, and I don't feel like retaking any of the shots.  Hopefully I'm the only one picky enough to notice any of the little imperfections.

The Commander briefs the Mega Monster Fighters on their next mission:  A distress signal has been received that appears to have been sent from a Mega Monster defector.  A young Cyberbike has turned on it's creators and is seeking asylum with the Mega Monster Fighters.  In return, it will deliver top secret information regarding the origins of the Mega Monsters.

The Commander will be sending the Medic and Sniper in their Mega Mechs to intercept the Cyberbike and bring it back to MMF HQ.  The other Mega Monster Fighters will take a Battle Jet and provide backup.

The Cyberbike is on the run from the secret lair of the Mega Monsters.  It has been able to avoid all obstacles so far, when suddenly...

It's ambushed by the deadly Shadow Brothers - humanoid monster assassins that report directly to the Mega Monster leaders.

The young Cyberbike is inexperienced in combat, and changes into it's robot form to better defend itself.

High above in the sky, the Mega Mechs spot the fracas down below.  The Medic and Sniper drop into the battle before the Shadow Brothers can deliver a killing blow to the Cyberbike.

Mega Mechs are well suited for fighting giant Mega Monsters, but the quick Shadow Brothers make for small, lightning fast targets that the Mechs struggle keep pace with.

The Medic's Rescue Mech loses and arm to the stealthy Shadow Brothers.  The monster warriors close in for a killing strike.

The Sniper takes to the sky in his Stealth Mech and fires off a few quick shots, momentarily scattering the Shadow Brothers.

While the Sniper is helping the Medic recover, one of the Shadow Brothers downs the Cyberbike and delivers a quick stab to it's face.

Circling overhead, the Battle Jet deploys the Blaster and the Rookie to assist their teammates. The Shadow Brothers are suddenly outnumbered and outgunned.

Elsewhere, a creature known as the Bloody Watcher has secretly been overseeing the battle.

The Bloody Watcher commands a teleporting Eye Goo to enter the fray.

Before the Mega Monster Fighters can strike down the Shadow Brothers, the Eye Goo appears and teleports the assassins to safety.

The Mega Monster Fighters regroup and recover what they can from the Cyberbike.

Back at the MMF HQ, the Mega Monster Fighters brief the Commander on the outcome of the battle.  The Pilot and the Medic will attempt to hack into the Cyberbike's systems and extract the information it had attempted to deliver.  If the Cyberbike's memories remain intact, the Mega Monster Fighters may finally be able to learn where the Mega Monsters have come from, and where to find their mysterious masters.

Well, another month is down!  I really have no idea where the story is going to go from month to month  (usually it just comes out as I'm taking pictures).  Hopefully from the unorganized chaos that is AMAMOTM an entertaining (enough) story is starting to take shape.  There's still a long way to go, but I'm hoping to be able to wrap everything up nicely by December.  Until then, I'll just have to keep fleshing/dragging this bad boy out!

Here's the link to the previous AMAMOTM instalments. 

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