Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Last Toy of the Year (2013)

This will be a quick one.  The last half of the year has been pretty busy for me, and I wasn't able to get AMAMOTM finished off before the end of the month (but I'll get it done next month for sure).  I was able to pop out and grab one more figure (make that a set) before the clock rolled over.

I got a few Mega Bloks Call of Duty sets for Christmas, but I wasn't expecting to find the zombie set so soon.  I'll do a proper spotlight on all of my Call of Duty stuff later, but I had to give the last figure his due.

You get four zombies in the set, but the last one I opened (and therefore the last toy of the year) was this guy:

He's wearing a straightjacket, so on top of being a zombie, he's also crazy.  That's twice as much trouble!

Here's hoping everyone has a safe and happy new year!  Don't end up like this guy...


  1. Crazombie?! Oh you know they be all cray-cray!

    I'd like to get that set sometime, though its odd that they're less articulated. They're the only humans that get less flexable when they're zombies.

  2. Well, they're too rotten to be flexible, I suppose. At least you can pull them apart to make them for zombie damage action.