Friday, 3 January 2014

First Toy of the Year (2014)

Wow! I can't believe I haven't written a blog post all year! Gotta remedy that. This will be another quick one, then I'ma try to get AMAMOTM done, THEN we'll really kick into the new year here.

I must have been in a building mood lately, because my last toy of 2013 and my first toy of 2014 are building sets.

Usually when I buy a Lego or Mega Bloks set, I'm buying it for the figures first. I should really stop doing that, because I have a pile of sets that I haven't built yet, but all of the figures have been assembled. Anyway, when it came to choose my first toy of the year, I had expected to get a Power Ranger. I want to go back to Japan this year, and getting a Japanese themed figure as my first of the year was my way of adding a little good-luck mojo into the mix. I hope I didn't jinx everything, because I ended up going for a Lego Movie set instead.

I couldn't help it! I couldn't find a Power Ranger figure that I hadn't already seen in stores for a while, and I'm also super excited about the Lego Movie. I ended up buying three Lego Movie sets, plus eleven blind-bagged Minifigures. I'll save showing off the actual Super Cycle Chase set here for another post, but 2014's first figure demands the spotlight.

How cool are the Robo SWAT characters from this series? COOL. That's how cool. I know they're supposed to be the mindless goons of the movie, but I so want to assemble a small squad of them and use them as heroes. I see them as an elite futuristic police force that gets called in when the situations are too extreme for regular flesh and blood officers. Kinda like Robocop, only better, cuz there's a whole squad.

Most of the Lego Movie sets are overflowing with potential, and they look like a lot of fun. I'll be getting some more for the Robo SWATs, but this time I think I'll really enjoy the actual building sets too.

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  1. Yeah, I don't think I need to mention how awesome it is that robots are the random goons for this movie. That was pretty much the entirety of my childhood - robot goons for the heroes to rip through. This series resonates with me pretty strongly!