Sunday, 19 January 2014

Travel Toys: Part 3

The journey concludes, for now...


We went to the Land Down Under last year, or as I like to call it, "the Land of Moose".  That's right kids, this where the Trash Pack comes from!

Guess why I love the logo for this hostel.  Just guess!

I find when I'm on Kangaroo Island, I like to have a three-eyed kangaroo figure to take pictures of.  At least I did this time.

There's a common theme coming up in these next few pics...

Could you guess what the theme was?  Crabs!  Carry on.

N E W  Z E A L A N D

Some of these pics might have been seen on the blog already, but I can't just leave them out!

I promise you my glasses aren't pulled down like that in a desperate attempt to look cool.  They just happened to look that way in the pic.  Unless I do look cool.  Then it's deliberate.


I've never been to England, but my wife had to go late last year (I had to stay and watch the dogs).  The situation that took her there wasn't a happy one, so I gave her a little Character Options Doctor Who figure to take with her so it would feel like I was there.  She took him to an old church near where she was saying and snapped some pics for me.  So even when I'm not lucky enough to travel, my figures still are.

There.  This pic-heavy adventure that broke the internet is done for now.  Hopefully it won't be long before there are more travels though, and I can post Part 4 - and beyond!


  1. Something tells me that seal was sitting there for a LONG time. Just...never moving.

    Also: CRAAAABS! Good god those are terrifying! They're like spiders! Spiders with pinchers. Swarming all over! Were you up on top of something or were you down with them coming right at you?

    #18 - Anyone want this three eyed kangaroo? Anyone? Come on! I'm not holding it out here for myself!

    #35 - If that were slightly blurry, you could easily mistake that for a pic of a real penguin! In fact, it looks like it until you click on it to zoom in.

    #all of New Zealand - WHY DIDN'T YOU BRING ME BACK A HOBBIT HOLE?!

    1. Well, none of the seals did a lot of moving. They were all wild, but "wild" for them, especially on land, isn't wild like other wild animals. More like lying around.

      And those are soldier crabs, my friend! They're like little marble creatures and they're one of best things ever. They're actual not coming right at me in the pic, they're running away from me. When you walk towards their... what would you call them? Crowds? They all start running away from you. They also screw themselves into the mud with their legs so they can hide from you. If you stand still in one spot long enough they'll come out again. As far as I can tell they're harmless. I picked one up (by scooping up the mud underneath it) and it just sat there. They're awesome.

      I got that figure of the penguin because we did a tour where you go to the beach at sunset and watch those penguins come in from the water and head to their holes for the night. Those are the smallest penguins in the world; they're actually called "little penguins".

      As for the Hobbit hole... well, a hole is a very difficult thing to carry. Best I could give you would be a donut.