Sunday, 19 January 2014

Travel Toys: Part 2

Alright, the journey continues!


I haven't been all over the US yet, but I've been to Florida and Vegas a few times.  They're less about the dio-shots and more about just shopping seeing all the cool stuff there.  That also means my pics are usually just nightstand shots.

My wife and I went to Hawaii for our honeymoon, and naturally I brought some figures with me.  I had to make sure I brought a version of Diamondhead from Ben 10 to visit Diamondhead, the old volcano.

 This pic would have been a favorite of mine it didn't turn out blurry.  A lot of my older outdoor figure pics turned out blurry...

I had been buying some Gormiti figures off of eBay for a while, but I found them in stores for the first time in Hawaii.  Here's one team, but I stocked up on all of them. 

Diamondhead, with a rock from Diamonhead as his head. 

I brought the first two Torpedo figures with me, since his character comes from Hawaii.  I bought the set with the orange version in Aiea, Hawaii, which turned out to be the specific part of Hawaii that Torpedo comes from.  How cool is that?  Pretty cool.  Hang loose.


Out of all the places I've been to so far, Japan is easily my favorite.  I'm proud of where I come from, but I feel like as a country, Japan just gets me.  The way I think, the things I like, all of it just feels like it gels with Japan.  I got to spend a month there back in 2010, and if everything lines up they way I want them to, I'm going to go back this year.

These first three figures are the ones I brought with me to Japan.  I got a lot more while I was there, but the first two of these were each brought for a specific reason.  Japon, from the Homies line, was an obvious choice (he's small and easy to carry around, and his name is Spanish for "Japan", so... duh.).  That Glyos figure is a part-swapped custom made by myself as a tribute to Bushido from G.I. Joe.  At the time his parts were cheap and easy to find, so if I lost him it wouldn't have been a big deal.  Lastly, the Bluespawn Ambusher from Dungeons & Dragons was a last minute grab before we left for the trip.  I usually grab "just one more" figure as we're headed out the door, and in this case it was him.  He's small, he's a monster, and I figured he'd fit right in.  All three are now displayed in the same bookcase where I keep all of the other stuff I got in Japan.

Does anyone know who this guy is?  He was a blind-bagged guy (or maybe he came in a fizzy ball) from a series that I believe represents real historical Japanese people.  I just have no idea who he is.

 Here's Jamila at Tokyo Tower.  The kaiju look much larger next to it in the movies...

And here's Duffy.  At the time, you could only get this "Mickey Mouse bear" in Japan.  He's everywhere now, though.

But wait!  There's more!  A little bit more.  We'll make that Part 3.


  1. Once again, you've got a good eye for what monsters go where! I love...hell, I guess I'll call it #53, since that's what it pops up as in the list. Anyway, the monster looks great in the strange spikey things.

    Anyway, what's this USA place? Sounds interesting!

    1. Thanks! I almost didn't include that picture because it's blurry, but yeah, those strange spiky things are quite... strange. And spiky. Well, they're soft, but they look spiky. That monster's name is Guts. I don't know why they called him that, but that's his name.

      Oh, and not a lot of people have heard of the USA. I think it's new? You should look it up on a globe or something. It's small sliver of land between Canada and Mexico. It might be listed under it's other name, 'Merica.