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Another month of Army Men And Monsters Of The Month, another instalment cutting it close to the deadline!  In this case there's still over a week left in the month, but I leave for Australia this weekend, so I need to get this done NOW.  Let's get to it.

After their failure to protect a Mega Monster defector (see last month's AMAMOTM post), the Mega Monster Fighters have been trying to retrieve the deceased Cyberbike's memories in order to discover what it had been intending to reveal to them before it was destroyed.  

In a sudden breakthrough, the memories are retrieved!  They are saved to the Mega Monster Fighters' computers while the Commander is summoned for a status update.

The Pilot and the Medic have been overseeing the work on the Cyberbike, and they report the discovery of the intact memories to the Commander.  It is believed the Cyberbike had intended to reveal the origins of the Mega Monsters, as well as the location of the Mega Monster Leaders' secret whereabouts.  Now that the memories have been retrieved, it will be only a matter of time before they can be analyzed and the secrets revealed.  

The Commander, always followed by his hand-picked bodyguards, is taken unawares by a sudden and shocking turn of events.

One of the Commander's bodyguards turns on his allies, gunning down the Commander and seriously injuring the Medic.  The Pilot pulls the Medic to the ground in an attempt to dodge the bodyguard's fire.

Before the traitorous bodyguard can turn on his other teammates, he is shot by his fellow bodyguard.

The remaining bodyguard runs to the fallen Commander while the Pilot assesses the Medic.  The Commander has been killed, but there's a chance the Medic can be saved.  

Suddenly, the murderous bodyguard climbs to his feet.  His face is a flushed blue color, and his body quickly changes before the others' eyes.

The bodyguard morphs into a Plasma Spider, a shapeshifting Mega Monster spy!

Before the troopers have a chance to react, the Plasma Spider is already on top of two of them.

The Pilot sends a science officer to find the other Mega Monster Fighters and alert them of the situation.  He will remain behind to protect the Medic and the data from the Cyberbike.

The scientist is able to escape and reaches the other Mega Monster Fighters.  The Blaster and the Sniper rush to their Mega Mechs, while the Rookie follows the scientist back to the lab.

When the Rookie and the scientist reach the lab, the Plasma Spider is still on the attack.

The Plasma Spider pounces on another scientist before quickly lunging onto the Rookie, knocking him to the ground.

Pinned under the weight of the Plasma Spider, the Rookie somehow manages to slip his assault rifle under the spider's belly, lifting it off of him and pulling the trigger.  The Plasma Spider is blasted off of the Rookie and onto its back.

Before the Plasma Spider even has a chance to recover, a giant metallic foot crushes it.  The Blaster and Sniper have arrived in their Mega Mechs!  And just as suddenly as the attack began, it is over.

After the Medic is moved to the hospital wing of the Mega Monster Fighters' HQ, the survivors of the attack try to make sense of what happened.  How could a Mega Monster infiltrate the HQ right under everyone's noses?  Did the Plasma Spider have any help?  Could there be another traitor hiding among the Mega Monster Fighters' ranks?  And who will fill the role of the murdered Commander?

Meanwhile, the all-seeing Bloody Watcher already knows of the Plasma Spider's devastating attack.  Even though the Medic has survived, the Mega Monster Fighters numbers currently sit at four.  

The Bloody Watchers turns to the evil Clonefish, egg-laying creator of the shape changing Plasma Spiders.  "Are they ready to begin the next step?" the Bloody Watcher asks.

"*Gurgle*, they are ready".

Hoo-boy!  We're ending on a dark note this time!  Well, as dark as a note about an evil fish that lays monster spider eggs can be.  I noticed one of the army men I was using as the Commander's bodygaurds had a bluish tint to his face, and it shows up even more in the pictures.  I figured he must be some kind of monster in disguise, so I came up with the traitor storyline.  Adding a bit of devastation to the Mega Monster Fighters will also help me stretch out the story a little bit so I don't paint myself into a corner with the Cyberbike memories too early in the year.  The figure I used for the Commander was perfect for that role and I'm sad to see him leave the story, but I had to do something to shake up our heroes' world a bit.  As of right now, I have no idea who is going to replace him.

(Look at all the gooey animals you can get, in case you wanted to know)

Obviously I didn't have the best time this month when it came to finding dollar store figures to play my monsters.  I knew I wanted something blue for the bodyguard to change into, but I couldn't find anything that made me happy.  I grabbed the bag of spiders for the blue one and hoped I could make it work.  My wife bought a collection of pretty decent goldfish figures, and I decided to use one of them because it was so creepy looking.  The connection I made between the fish and the spiders in the end is an odd one, but hey, they're monsters.  They're allowed to be odd.

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