Saturday, 11 May 2013

Canada Has Been Targeted!

One of my favorite things to do when travelling down to the USA was to hit up a Target store or two.  Target's always done their toy aisles right, and I always knew I'd come across something I couldn't find in the stores up here in Canada.  Well, last year the lame duck Zellers closed up shop, being bought out by Target.  And now Target is here!

For those of you who think Target is no big deal, let me tell you, you're taking it for granted.  Sure, Walmart and Toys R Us are still good places to find toys, but if those are the only places you have to look, it gets kinda old.  You could find some stuff at Zellers (including the odd Target exclusive), but for the most part you never really had to go out of your way to shop there.  With Target showing up on the scene, my hunting grounds have greatly expanded.

I had been worried that the Canadian Targets wouldn't carry the same kind of selection that the American Targets had.  Canada's almost always lagged behind the States when it comes to toy releases, and sometimes certain toys don't show up at all.  I was nervous that the Canadian Targets would be more of the same thing (ie: the same stuff I could already find here, but in a new store).  Now, I don't know if it's just because the store is new and isn't burdened by older stock, but the one I popped into had tons of stuff I haven't seen anywhere else here!  Sure, it could even out eventually, but one of the old Zellers stores here turned into a Walmart, and it's stock wasn't nearly as impressive as the new Target's.

I didn't go overboard on my first trip into a Canadian Target, but I couldn't let myself leave empty handed.


I'm pretty excited about this guy.  One of my favorite parts out of any of the Star Wars movies is the Sarlacc Battle.  I copied those scenes in many a toy battle when I was younger, if not recreating it exactly.  Naturally, I have a soft spot for any characters from that battle.  Kithaba hasn't had a figure since the vintage original, and even then, it wasn't really him.  That figure was another skiff guard (Barada), who was mistakenly given Kithaba's colors.  So technically this is the first Kithaba figure ever. He's also a harder to find figure, coming out in a so-called "lost wave" that didn't see a lot of release in stores (I was never able to find him before Target opened).  There's also two variations of Kithaba, one with a red headband and one with a black headband.  He sports a red headband in the movie, so I knew I would want the more screen-accurate version out of the two.  That's the one I found.  I'm happy!

Another line of figures that I wasn't able to find until now was G.I. Joe Micro Force.  I had been curious about them, and I knew they were out, but they were nowhere to be found.  I thought they were going to be the G.I. Joe equivalent of the Star Wars Fighter Pods, but the figures are noticeably larger than the Star Wars ones.  As expected though, the paint is really hit-or-miss.  I had to pass up on sets with the zombified Cobra Commander and the Ghost Ninja Henchmen because of bad paint jobs, though I'm sure it'll just be a matter of time till I get them.  I bought this set for the super-cool Beast Ninja Commander.  Beast Ninjas?  What are Beast Ninjas?  I have no idea, but I'm sure they kick ass!






These figures come with stands, but they don't really need them.  I think they're mostly for the "games" you can play with them, since everything needs to have a game these days.


I've been trying to stay away from the new Marvel Legends figures (I have a small-sized collection of the older ones, and I find most of them to be somewhat overrated).  Maybe it's because I've never seen these guys in store yet, maybe it's because I just wanted to keep shopping at Target, or maybe it's because this new wave comes with pieces to build Hit Monkey, I don't know.  But I got one.  Besides The walking Dead, I haven't really followed any comics for a long time.  I have no idea who Protector is (the package doesn't even refer to him by name - it just calls him and Iron Fist "Warriors of the Mind"), but dammit if he doesn't look interesting.  The figure will make a cool partner for the previously released Fantomex (who I'll have to go and buy now).  The Hit Monkey build-a-figure ain't too shabby either, and you only need three figures to complete him.  Those build-a-figures that required 8+ other characters always got on my nerves.  To finish Hit Monkey all I need is Red She-Hulk (who I already wanted) and Hyperion (who stands out as a DC-esque Marvel character).  I want need a Hit Monkey toy, and the other figures are all good as far as I'm concerned.  So, I'm happy!

All in all, my first Canadian Target trip was a great success, and hopefully its toy section will stay at this standard (or better) from here on out.  It's nice having more toy grounds to hunt in.  It makes me (wait for it...) happy!  So here's to Target, and the ever-lovin' toy hunt!

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  1. Nice haul! Good to know those Star Wars figures come out SOMEWHERE. All the stores around here have the same few waves over and over for a good while now. I don't even know what new Star Wars figures are supposed to be out. They just keep stocking the same waves. I know there was suppose to be some bounty hunter lady with awesome armor at one point, but...who knows?

    Anyway, good to know your Target is stocking! The ones around me are being converted to hold fresh produce, so they're not really focusing on stockin' the toys yet.